Single / double axle drives with built-in reverser

Main features:
• high flexibility interface thanks to standard modules
• low development costs and adapted standard modules
• short response- and delivery time as all standard modules are fully tested
• higher spares availability as a result of standardized modules availability
• gearbox built-in system for reverse motion.

ZF Ecolife Rail

ZF Ecolife sets new standards:

• Completely newly developed automatic 6- gear transmission
• Highlight: Economic efficiency and eco- compatibility
• Enhanced performance characteristics
• Higher service life
• Up to 20% fuel savings
• Compact installation space
• Optimum power-to-weight ratio
• Lower noise during driving

ZF Ecomat Rail

Main features:
• Smooth power shift
• Optionally adjusted planetary gears
• electronic control unit for communication with other electronic systems through vehicle’s computers network - CAN
• longer service brakes life thanks to a built-in RETARDER
• high efficiency thanks to the built-in clutch and to the torsional damper
• engine dependent PTOs  (up to max. 950 Nm/11h) and secondary oil pump as options