SERVICE FAUR as a Service Partner in Romania of ZF Friedrchshafen AG Germnaia (see the certificates here) offers:

  • Technical Assistance / Diagnosis / Ascertainment;
  • Revisions;
  • Planned and accidental repairs;
  • Spare parts and consumables.

for all transmissions / reducers - marine reversers, positioning engines (azimuth), Bow / Tunnel Thruster, manufactured by ZF Friedrchshafen AG Germnaia, ZF Marine Padova Italy, ZF Marine Arco Italia in various power ranges and mechanical , hydraulic, hybrid ready).


            The activities are done both in our workshops and on board of the ship when this situation is mandatory.

            The repairs performed by SERVICE FAUR are highly professional, involving qualified personnel in the manufacturer's training centers, using original spare parts and repair documentation provided by the ZF producer units. Only tools and special devices required by the repair documentation are used.


Trust the true specialists with confidence!


 1. Low-load vessels

High intermittent requests and very wide variations in engine speed and power.

Average operating hours below 500 hours / year.

Pleasure craft, small yachts, other private ships, etc.

2. Light-duty vessels;

Intermittent requests and high variations in engine speed and power.

Average operating hours below 2500 hours / year.

Navy charters, various sports applications, patrol boats and light rescue vessels, authorities' ships.

Transmissions equipping ships in the above groups are as follows:

  • with 1 gear: ZF 220 ... 670 N/A/V;
  • with 2 gears: ZF 300 ... 665 TS/ATS/IVTS, ZF/ZFE 90, 110, 115 ATS/IVTS/GTS
  • ZFW 320, 325, 350, 650;
  • BW 160 S, 165 S, IRM 302 V / LD, IRM 310 A / PL, IRM 311 A, IRM 350;
  • ZF 12, ZF 25 / 45 & A, ZF 63 / 85 & A, ZF 63 / 85 IV;

ZF 550

ZF 63A

ZF 220A

ZF 25M

3. Medium-demand ships;

Intermittent requests and some variations of speed and power


Average operating hours below 4000 hours / year.

Nave ferry-boat, ferry-catamaran, passenger ships,  patrol boats,

 pushers, tugs, cargo ships, river ships.

4. Ships with continuous requests;

Requests continue with small variations of speed and speed

 engine power.

Average hours of work are unlimited.

Large commercial ships.

Transmissions equipping ships in the above groups,

are divided as follows:

  • Series ZF 2500 & 2800, ZF 3500 & 3800;
  • ZF W 220, ZF / W 1800 ... 103000;
  • Bow / Tunnel Thruster ZF TT / AT 1000 ... 3000;

ZF 9300 PTI

ZFW 17000

ZFW 11200



  1. Genuine spare parts / ZF quality products, with a long lifetime, at competitive prices.
  2. Service and continuous technical support provided by the Official Partner ZF, SC Service Faur SRL.
  3. The mobile team to diagnose, find and, as appropriate, repair the ZF product at the customer.
  4. Service and maintenance contract for all ZF applications, with warranties for the works performed and special prices.